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FAN ART [22 Mar 2013|05:49pm]

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Sneak Peek! Emma & Scott have a son, Alex Frost [24 Sep 2012|07:49pm]

What happens when you put Cyclops in a house with Carol Danvers, Tabby Smith & Betsy Braddock?]
What happens when you put Cyclops in a house with Tabby Smith, Carol Danvers, & Betsy Braddock?

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Marvel Big Bang! [23 May 2012|05:27pm]


marvel_bang | Dates | Guidelines

marvel_bang will be opening for sign-ups on Wednesday, 30 May. Stories should be at least 10,000 words in length, and can be from any corner of the Marvel fandom - comics, movies, television, video games, anything! The only rule is that it must focus on a Marvel character. (If you have a DC-centric story in mind, check out our sister comm, dcu_bang.) Watch the community for more details!

Don't forget to check out our prompt post for ideas or to leave some bunnies of your own!

Mods, I hope this is okay</b>
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fanfiction anyone? [01 Mar 2012|08:49pm]

if anyone's interested check out my fanfics emma/scott centered. 

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X-Ponies Cyclops and Emma [29 Jan 2012|08:52pm]

X-Ponies Cyclops and Emma Collapse )

I will probably be make some sg1 fandom and other sculptures and figures.
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